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Strength of Fenghe Company

Created:2014-03-05 10:01:33                  Clicks:1396

  In 2013, Xuzhou Fenghe Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. reaped fruitful, all the staff morale. In order to better relax and enhance team cohesion of the year, the company held a spectacular fenghe 2014 Fun Games.
  At 9:00 on January 28, 2014, all employees gathered in the company stadium, everyone gearing up to the Games in the first game - a tug of war. Tug of war competition is divided into six groups out of the system implementation. Under the general manager of the referee, the two sides contest the spirit of friendship first, competition second principle, expand the strength of the duel. Cheerleaders cheer shouted, finally elected a championship game to give the reward. All participants have received a commemorative award.
  After a rest, followed by another held a "I guess you do"campaign; afternoon badminton games and" concerted effort", the game is also a bustling scene.
  In this way, 2014 Spring Games close in everyone’s laughter.
  The Games is not only shortened the distance between employees and employees, between employees and leadership, but also exercise the body, enhance team cohesion, while improving employee motivation, enriching the corporate culture.


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