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SASAC: China's economy into a crunch period

Created:2012-10-23 17:29:34                  Clicks:1812
[ " finance and economics " comprehensive report ] according to the SASAC website news, national endowment appoint vice director Shao Ning recently held in the central enterprises to strengthen fundamental management job site expresses on the meeting, Chinese economy has experienced thirty years of rapid growth, began to enter a period of deflation. In crunch time, cost factors for an enterprise 's survival and development effect becomes more and more important, for some businesses is the matter of life and death. Faced with the current domestic and international economic situation, the central enterprises must attach great importance to reduce the cost of work, continuously broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, fall this synergism.According to the China Youth Daily reported, in this field will, for the situation in 2012, national endowment appoint judge, the three largest economy in the world in recession, the European debt crisis is still spreading and expanding, international market demand is ceaseless and atrophic, the global economy will enter a longer time period of downturn; domestic economy development of balance, coordination, sustainable problem still very outstanding, economic growth downward pressure is constantly increasing, various potential risks and contradictory and ceaseless grow in quantity. Therefore, the central enterprises to fully understand the seriousness of the situation and the urgency, to prepare 3-5 cross, winter over preparation.
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