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In practical industrial application of slewing bearing

Created:2012-10-23 17:23:57                  Clicks:1856
In real industrial rotary bearing is widely used, is called: " the machine joint ", its main application in are widely used in: automobile crane, rail crane, port cranes, ship cranes, metallurgical cranes, container cranes, mining machine, filling machine, as well as standing wave therapeutic apparatus, nautical instrument CT, radar, missile launchers, tanks, the robot and the revolving restaurant etc..Slewing mechanism usually consists of a worm, slewing bearing, shell, motor and other components. As the core components of the slewing bearing, thus can bear axial force, radial force, overturning moment.The real industrial are installed in the gear slewing bearing, properly adjust the gear backlash is very important. In the gear runout highest point with the feeler gauge measurement adjustment, can also be used to pressure wire or other suitable method. If the gap is not in the value, the movable small change the gear center distance. After adjusting the rotary supporting at least one complete turn of a circle to make sure no other tooth jump high, in the rotary support final fixation after another backlash fake gap. Gear runout highest point with green paint marker in the gear slots.
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