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Rotary support device maintenance measures

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In 1, a mounting seat must have enough rigidity, mounting surface should be smooth, should pay attention to the use of noise changes and turning resistance moment changes, if not normal should be overhauled.2, horizontal hoisting or stored, not the vertical lifting or stored, so as to avoid distortion.In 3, bolt tighten completely before, should check the gears, meshing condition should accord with the gear accuracy requirements : that the gear pair in slight braking operation of tooth surface distribution of the contacts on the spot in the tooth height direction is not less than 25%, in the direction of tooth length not less than 30%. Flank working 10 shifts should be cleared once debris, and to grease.In 4, connecting the rotary bearing bolts and nuts are used in high strength bolt and nut; double nut fastening and anti-loosing. When the nut is screwed tightly, should be in the threads of the bolt and nut face coated with oil, and should use a torque wrench in the circumferential direction symmetrical multiple screw. The last tightening, each bolt pre-tightening torque should be roughly uniform.In 5, supporting the rotary gear ring raceway surface alignment of parts are cloth 4 cup, the inner raceway to add grease. In the general case, rotary bearing lubrication once 50 hours of operation. Each time the gas must be added until the foot, from the sealing leak oil.
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