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Cautious rotary bearing maintenance cycle

Created:2012-10-23 17:21:31                  Clicks:1849
Slewing bearings are widely used and marine equipment, engineering machinery, light industry machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery and other industries, it is called " machine joint ", the joints of the body to bear the weight of the human body, rotary support also bear mechanical integrated load, so the application of the process of timely repair and maintenance to ensure the safe operation of mechanical equipment is very important one link.New use of 100 working hours, stopped working a check bolt tightening torque. If there are more than 10% bolts loose, then in 200th working hours to check again.The use of stable after every 500 hours to check the time; harsh working conditions to shorten the examination intervals, depending on the circumstances.Cumulative working after 2000 hours, if you see a loose bolt to the specified torque is below 80%, the bolt and the adjacent two bolts to be renewed. If you find 20% loosening the bolt to the specified torque is below 80%, then all the bolts to be renewed.Equipment total 14000 hours later, all bolts are to be replaced with new, in order to guarantee its effective operationThe rotary speed is higher or continuous rotary or frequent work equipment, every 100 hours for a fill-up. In the condition of bad situation to further shorten the time interval of lubricating oil.
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